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Improving infrastructure in Spartanburg, SC, can stimulate economic growth, enhance public safety, and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Spartanburg County is growing, and we need to ensure that we’re managing it properly. Right now, some areas of the county are getting overdeveloped, while others are getting left behind.

Uncontrolled and mindless growth can lead to traffic congestion, environmental damage, and a lower quality of life for residents.

Elsewhere, languishing and neglected infrastructure creates public safety issues and builds resentment from the folks who live nearby.

I’m committed to finding ways to harness our growth in ways that will benefit the community. Let’s be more thoughtful and deliberate about where, when, and how we grow. We must make sure that areas have the proper infrastructure to support development before it happens, and we must build it in a way that enhances quality of life for folks all around the county. A rising tide should lift all boats, not swallow them up.